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We believe that in order to make good decisions, one must first understand the problem. This is very true with insect control; therefore, we have provided links on this page to information related to various pests, articles on insect control and links to other Web sites (even our competitors' sites), so that you can easily get to the information you need to make a wise purchase.

We trust that after reviewing the information provided, you will agree with us that our approach to pest control and our products make sense. We hope you will adopt our philosophy and use our products "Because You Care About the Planet We Share!"

IPCP reference materials
"An Innovative Approach to Control Tramp Ants"
(PPT 101.1 MB .zip archive, video included)
Click here to download the PowerPoint Viewer for PCs.

"Ant Control Made Easy" (PDF 64 KB)
"The Do's and Don'ts of Ant Control" (PDF 56 KB)
"Pest Ant Eradication: An innovative Approach" (PDF 4.2 MB)
IPM Video: “Managing Ants”
"Honeydew: The Key to Successful Long-term Ant Control"
"What You Should Know About Ant Baits"
Antopia 6 Bait Station Operation and Placement Instr.

Click to download the Ant Café Label Template. (76 KB .doc)
    suggested links
Association and Government Links
University of Florida Entomology and Nematology
University of California Davis Ant Key

additional resources

Beyond Pesticides
Bug Bios
Entomological Society of America (online journals)
EPA Pesticide Fact Sheets
Hazardous Waste Disposal
IPM in Schools
- Purdue (PDF 2 MB)
National Pest Management Association
National Pesticide Information Center
(pests in your area)
National Pesticide Telecommunications Network
Pest Web
Pesticide Emergency Resources

suggested reading
  1. An Alternative Control Method of Yellow Crazy Ants (PDF 609 KB)
  2. Acceptance and Intake of Gel and Liquid Sucrose Compositions by the Argentine Ant (PDF 116 KB)
  3. Ant-Aphid Interactions: Are Ants Friends, Enemies, or Both? (PDF 80 KB)
  4. Toxicity and Repellency of Borate-Sucrose Water Baits to Argentine Ants (PDF 96 KB)
  5. Delayed Toxicity as a Critical Factor in the Efficacy of Aqueous Baits for Controlling Argentine Ants (PDF 180 KB)
  6. Sucrose Bait Base Preference of Selected Urban Pest Ants (PDF 364 KB)
  7. Testing Baits to Control Argentine Ants in Vineyards (PDF 264 KB)
  8. Liquid Baits Control Argentine Ants Sustainably in Coastal Vineyards (PDF 440 KB)
  9. Improving Liquid Bait Programs for Argentine Ant Control: Bait Station Density (PDF 364 KB)
  10. Relative Attractiveness of Baits to Paratrechina longicornis (PDF 244 KB)
  11. Ant Trails: A Key to Ant Management with Baits (PDF 68 KB)
  12. Effects of Boric Acid, Fipronil, Hydramethylnon, and Diflubenzuron Baits on Colonies of Ghost Ants (PDF 120 KB)
  13. Horizontal Transfer of Insecticides in Laboratory Colonies of the Argentine Ant (PDF 116 KB)
  14. Hunger in Red Imported Fire Ants and Their Behavioral Response to Two Liquid Bait Products (PDF 84 KB)
  15. Plant Resources and Colony Growth in an Invasive Ant: The Importance of Honeydew-Producing
    Hemiptera in Carbohydrate Transfer Across Trophic Levels
    (PDF 136 KB)
  16. Flow of Carbohydrates, Lipids, and Protein Among Colonies of
    Polygyne Red Imported Fire Ants, Solenopsis Invicta
    (PDF 88 KB)
  17. Detrimental Effects of Highly Efficient Interference Competition:
    Invasive Argentine Ants Outcompete Native Ants at Toxic Baits
    (PDF 120 KB)
  18. Field Suppression of the Invasive Ant Wasmannia Auropunctata in a Tropical Fruit Orchard in Hawaii (PDF 128 KB)
  19. Innovative Pest Control Products Available in Canada (PDF 351 KB) 
  20. 20+ Years of Innovative Pest Control Products (PDF 335 KB)


Ant Control Made Easy

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