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Targeted Pest Control
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our philosophy

We believe that for too many years man has broadcast insecticides into the environment with too little regard for the consequences.
As a result of this overuse of these broad spectrum insecticide products, we now have:

  • Greater insect resistance
  • Groundwater contamination
  • Ecosystems out of balance, with natural predators and parasites being killed off along with insect pests
  • And, some would argue, a greater incidence of some diseases

We believe the correct way to do pest control is with the smallest environmental impact possible. This requires us to:

  • Target the pests while leaving the pests’ natural enemies alone
  • Use the least toxic products and methods available
  • Use insects’ natural behaviors to enhance the program’s effectiveness
  • Minimize human and non-target animal exposure to chemicals whenever practical
  • Avoid putting chemicals into the air or ground water

To put this philosophy into action, we have developed a line of pest control bait products that use active ingredients that have extremely low toxicity.

We have also developed and patented a number of bait delivery systems that can increase the effective life of the bait materials and reduce or eliminate environmental contamination.

Ant Café® Ready-to-UseGourmet Ant Bait Gel
Ant Café® ProGreen Way® Ant BaitsANTOPIA® 6
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